Online Alliance

… a collaborate network of online clubs …

online alliance banner 2018This project began late in 2016 as the number of 100% online clubs began to emerge after WHQ sanctioned their ability to be Chartered and added to clubs in District U in March 2016.
A social media community began as a method of sharing ideas and developing special online versions of Toastmaster meetings. Executive officers from chartered and prospective online clubs were invited to join the Facebook Group.

Monthly meetings are now held to discuss the special needs of growing online club participation and to share ideas on how best we could liaise with WHQ on matters relating to online clubs and blended clubs (traditional land based clubs who enable virtual membership). Meetings are usually scheduled at the end of the month and a new Host and Toastmaster identified at the previous meeting.

world-in-your-hands (2017_11_09 05_44_11 UTC)A pattern of meeting structure is beginning to emerge! Currently, an agenda is likely to include: round robins, special topic presentations and discussions, Pathways focus topics, proposals for liaison with WHQ and short reports from new and emerging online clubs. The Toastmaster of the day can use their facilitator experience as part of the Pathways elective, Manage Online Meetings. The Host for the meeting uses their webinar platform (eg Zoom room) and invites attendees by creating an Event in the Facebook Group.

A time and note taker are called for at the beginning of each meeting. The note taker is then required to create a Google Doc to share with participants and to upload as a PDF to the Files of the Online Alliance group in Facebook.

Online Education Pilot Project 2018

Online education committee logoThis project began in 2017 as an exploration of a workable model for monthly online education opportunities for any Toastmaster in D73. To date the Online Education Committee has successfully delivered six one hour sessions on a variety of topics in the months where it was deemed most appropriate and effective.

The structure for each one hour online session has now been fine tuned to include:

  • two x 15 educationals from different perspectives on the topic
  • discussion and Q & A after each educational
  • special Training Topics for 3-6 impromptu speakers
  • general discussion and information about next session

The format for each includes a Toastmaster, Timer and Topics Master plus two educational presenters. Each offers opportunities for Toastmasters to present educationals online for their own personal development.

Schedule for 2017

  1. Successful Club Contest
  2. Effective Evaluations
  3. Club Strategies in Social Media
  4. Effective Mentoring
  5. Goal Setting and Planning
  6. Club Coaching

Schedule for 2018

  1. Pathways Preparation
  2. Effective Table Topics
  3. Confidence with Speaking Projects
  4. Moments of Truth – Benefits
  5. Dealing with Conflict
  6. How to be a Distinguished Club
  7. Club Officer Handover
Topic Ideas can be sent to the Online Education Committee
Volunteer presenters may contact the Online Education Committee

Instructional Design Projects 2017/2018

In 2017 I created a Thinkific short course for those who wish to start building an online Toastmasters club. This course is free and is promoted to those who indicate their wish to start an Online Club.

starting an online club logoStarting an Online Club

Chapters under construction now include:
1. Preparing to go Online
2. Gathering Resources
3. Building Community
4. Creating Online Presence
5. Managing Online Club meetings
6. Reaching Charter Strength
7. Accessing Support

In 2018 I customised the easy-Speak Made Easy course in a new MoodleCloud environment

ESME update 2018

easy-Speak Made Easy

Chapters updated now include:
0. Course Overview
1. Introduction to easy-Speak
2. Members Guide to easy-Speak
3. Club Officers Guide to easy-Speak
4. Building an easy-Speak site
5. Pathways in easy-speak (available on January 15)
6. Course wrap-up and Reflections